Hunt or be Hunted 1


The noise rang out throughout the forest.  It was a sound that she was well acquainted with in the past few years.  It was mostly accompanied with loud screeches, or deafening roars that ended in whimpers for their life.  Sadly, there was little that she could do, other than warn the others that there was a trap ahead.

Bounding between the trees with experienced footwork, she found her way to the pack of wolves that took her in, and cared for her.  They had been her family for as long as she could remember.  Quickly searching through the mass of fur, it wasn't hard to find the alpha from the rest.  Most of the others had a slight blue hued hur exempt from their white underbelly.  Alpha was different as his fur was dark grey in color, nearly black; just like her own.

She bounded towards Alpha and stopped before bowing.  He responded in kind.

"What do you have to report, Anita?"

Alpha's voice was rough, yet kind; something that was exclusively for Anita.  Others would have to speak to Couga, Alpha's right hand, to even gain audience.  Anita rose her head slightly to speak.

"Alpha, I heard cries from the southwest.  I believe that there are traps set around there."

Anita sounded out to her leader.  He nodded to her before turning towards Couga.

"It's the Pale Ones."

Couga frowned as he said it.  The Pale Ones were dangerous creatures that walked on two legs, and only had fur on the top of their heads.  They hunted other animals and wore the skin as prizes.  Though, that was what Haven described them as, but she was a gossip anyway.  Anita couldn't really picture them, as she had never even saw one before.  Alpha closed his eyes in thought, and snorted out a reply.

"If it is, then I will protect the pack from them."

His eyes grew bright red from anger.  It was true, though, that the Pale Ones were dangerous to the pack.  They had killed Haven and Vikor not even three moon cycles ago.  They were our brightest couple, and Alpha even approved of their mating.  We still can't take back the night we found their bodies.  They were mostly skinned except for some patchs.  Haven's right foreleg was missing while Vikor's abdomen was cut clean open and missing several of his insides.  Anita couldn't tell how long their child, Eoaga, cried, but he was not alone.  The gods wept, as well, allowing Eoaga to earn his first roar; one that called the heavens down to earth.

"I want a search team to search for more traps, and find out the location of the Pale Ones immediately."

Alpha growled towards Couga.  He bowed his head and began to turn when an adolescent wolf stepped into his sight.  Couga sighed at his appearance.

"I'm busy, Eoaga.  What do you want?"

"I heard Alpha, and I want to enlist in the search team!"

The End

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