The alarm on his phone sounded and it was time to get out of bed for a new working day. It was a cheery tone which he picked to ease him into the light of day. Once out of bed, he grabbed his clothes from the wardrobe and headed into the shower. Making sure the dial was in its usual place (for the right temperature), he showered and started to have thoughts about what would be happening at work later. Thinking too much, he delayed himself coming out of the shower and quickened his towel drying technique.

The blade on his shaver was looking past its best but used it anyway and got dressed before sorting his hair and heading downstairs to breakfast. On the breakfast table was the paper and a readymade cup of tea. He flipped the paper over to read the back pages first and got his cereal out of the packet. Two Weetabix with brown sugar on top, with the right amount of semi-skimmed milk added so that they would be moist but not soggy, just how he liked it.

Flicking through the sports pages, he looked out for any mention of his favourite team. No mention today. His mum had the breakfast television on, and he raised his head when they started talking about a person that he felt had achieved little, yet received much media attention. Anguish appeared in his face and realising his right hand was clenched, he duly turned the tv off. He returned to reading the paper and flipped it back to the front pages where the headline was an emotion seeking set of words aiming to provoke the reader. For a split second he nearly rose to it, but thought better of it and turned to the weather forecast page. He finished breakfast, shut the paper, and put his bowl in the sink. It was 08:14 which meant cleaning teeth time. Moving back upstairs he did this and sprayed deodorant, getting ready for the day that lay ahead.

He got his work bag together and made up a drink to take with him. His phone was low on charge, so packed the charger in the bag too. Taking his house keys, he walked out of the house and walked to the next road where his car was parked. He resented needing to park his car in the next road, but it was necessary as his house was opposite a block of flats, and the flat owners all parked their cars outside in front.

Turning the key in the ignition, the radio came on automatically and the voices of the DJs sounded. He had programmed his car radio to save three radio stations. He did this so he could flick between them when he was bored of hearing the song that was popular and played every twenty minutes on every station, or when the DJs talked too much and never played any music. He drove to work and arrived at the back of a queue which had formed at the traffic lights. In the queue he noticed one car was blocking the traffic. The driver had pulled out of a side road into the queue of traffic but there was no space for them. Through impatience (or stupidity, he thought) the driver had blocked the road and oncoming traffic was now blocked. The words ‘Keep clear’ painted underneath their car. The lights turned green and traffic flowed once more. The rest of the journey was fine for him though admittedly it was only four miles from his front door to his place of work.

He parked his car in his favoured space on the second floor of the car park. The previous day another car was parked in the space and he proclaimed that his space was stolen. He parked next to it. Despite the earlier queue, he was ten minutes early for work. He decided to sit in the car for a few more minutes. At 08:54 he got out of the car and walked the short distance to his workplace. Arriving in his office, he turned on his workstation, logged in, and the time was 09:00. Time for work.

The End

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