Does it look as it seems?!

Man 1: I don't think they're gonna give us more money as they say.
Man 2: They've been telling us the same $#it every time they're having a new board election.
Man 1: I really had enough of this. I work 12 hours a day. I have a family now and I need to look for another job with better money, better working conditions.
Man 2: Now you seem like them, saying that you are gonna do this and end up not doing it.
Man 1: Really? Ok tell me where are you gonna watch the game tonight.
Man 2: As usual at ***'s. As soon as our shift finishes, in about an hour, I'll go home and change then....WHAT IS GOING ON?
Man 1: What?
Man 2: Look, monitor 2-5. Ok it switched. Monitor 1-3. It's the first floor.
Security Guard 1: What's wrong with her?
Security Guard 2: Who is she?
Security Guard 1: She's Mrs. W Mr. M's secretary.
Security Guard 2: Ok, call Security Guard 3 and ask him to go and see what the hell is she doing. Oh this is not good.
Security Guard 1: He is not answering.
Security Guard 2: Where is he? monitor 3-4 but he is not in his position.
Security Guard 1: I'd better go and check for myself.
Security Guard 2: Call her family and let them know.
Security Guard 1: No one is answering. Ok I'll try to call Ms. G. She is her friend.
Security Guard 2: OK, follow up with me on the walkie-talkie.
Security Guard 1: Ok, what's wrong with her. This is not good. When they come and see all the mess she is doing now, they're gonna be very very angry.
Security Guard 2: Hello! Where is she? She is not here. Oh my god the place is a wreck. Check the monitors and let me know and call Mr. M. Did you call Ms. G.
Security Guard 1: Yeah Ms. G is on her way. Monitor 4-1 she is in the 2nd floor the 1st corridor on the left. Be careful, she looks dangerous.
Security Guard 2: Ok going. hey. I hear screams.
Security Guard 1: Yeah. Just be careful and stay on the walkie-talkie.
Security Guard 2: Hey Mrs. W. Please calm down. Ms. G, your friend, is on the way here. NO Mrs. W. NOOO.
Security Guard 1: What is going on out there?
"Woman screams."
Security Guard 1: No ma'am no please.

3 days later in a hospital.

Security Guard 1: Oh poor lady! but who could have done this to her, detective? We were there and we didn't see anything.
Detective: It's a very big building. He stayed till everyone left and he knew that she stays till late.
Security Guard 1: Did u catch him?
Detective: Yes, we did. Tell me, are you still wanna file a report against her.
Security Guard 1: No, detective. She had enough already. waking up and find herself like this. I can understand. It's a good thing we all are OK just a couple of fractures. Not a big deal.
Detective: Good. get well soon.

The End

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