Moments of Inspiration - The Challenge!!

The cold harsh laugh unfurled from her lips, like liquid poison. The sharp, half derranged laughter reverberated of every wall, her mind flickered from the present to the past. Confusion swept momentarily across her porcelain face. So young, yet so beaten, so worn.

Her lips were ruby red, bitten from her nervous habit. Her eyes were wide, black pebbles that illuminated her fears, her thoughts, the truth of what had happened to this girl.

She shivered slightly in the cold and then laughed once again, a half shriek, a cruel call of attention. 'Here I am. What you have made me.'

Her clothes were ragged, her feat bare, yet she was beautiful.

A fragile sort of beauty illuminated her skin, made her eyes sparkle, even in this time of disaster, she was the never before seen beauty that should never have been broken.

The air moved around the room, all terrified eyes were on her.

Alarmed yet admiring, even now, they all admired her beauty, this made her grin, a half retched smile.

She sighed and then remembered who she was, adjusted her posture and shuck herself.

But; who was she now?

The End

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