Emily (the last thing she said)

It made no sense.  She knew it had to be a case of jealousy, after all how old was her mom 30ish?

Her time had passed and now her whole life was geared towards ruining things for Emily.  She rubbed the red welt on her face, she couldn't believe the b--  had actually hit her..

Well, she was going to pay for that, wonder how she would feel when Emily didn't come home..  She put on the little skirt with the see through shirt, she wore her black bra under it, she wasn't brave enough to let them see it all..  She knew Bobby would love it..

She was about to walk out the door when the phone rang, it was her..  She thought about not answering but, it would be more fun to give her lip, to frustrate her and let her know, she would not be there when she came home.. 

"Hello b--"

And that was the last thing she said to her mother, that was the last thing her mother had heard..

The last thing she heard, a high pitched scream, then a silence, that made her heart skip beats.. The phone went dead and in that moment, she knew...

She lay on the bed, her uncle stuck his head in the door, she pretended to be asleep..  He silently pulled the door shut.. She sat up and opened the bottle of pills..  How many were there, a two month supply.. pouring them in her hand, her words echoed back to her..

"Hello b--,  hello b---, hello"

She swallowed the pills...  "Hello b---."

The End

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