Carey stood picking a few pieces of lint from her Gucci pants. She looked down at her manicured fingernails and sighed. Her Uncles chauffer was late, of course. She twisted on her Jimmy Cho's, her feat were aching from hours of shopping and then the long walk to the streat where she had been told she would be picked up from. Her Burberry jacket was crumpled into one of the many bags that lay on the pavement by her stilleto.

There was a strange feeling in the street, a sense of something coming, the passers by were glancing around, many eyes fell on her. She was, most likely, the richest on the street. She shrugged and took another gulp from her skinny, de-caf mocha.

The eyes of the coffee shop owner glared at her, how rude to be drinking Starbucks practically on his premises.

She shrugged to herself, not giving a damn and wishing that the chauffeur would hurry - she was so having words with her uncle that evening.

Her Uncle had been her guardian since her father had died, her mother had died giving birth to her, leaving his business to her uncle until she was old enough to inherit.

Though he was nice enough, there was always a slight tension between the pair.

Tapping her foot she re-dialed the familiar number.

"Where the hell are you?" she demanded, "Just remember soon I'll be the one paying your pay cheque at the end of each month, not my damned uncle." she hissed and pressed red, slamming the blackberry into her Chanel bag, which was hooked over the crook of her arm.

Just as she did so, the phone rang again, her ringtone was one of the latest chart toppers. She slammed the phone to her ear.

"What now?"

"It's me, Merissa."

"Oh sorry, the chauffeur is so driving me mad right now."

"He still hasn't arrived."

Just as she was about to reply a huge force slammed through the streat. A blaze of red light set the street ablaze taring through everything and throwing her and her bags filled with over five thousand dollars worth of clothes across the street, her phone fell from her grasp, and as she lay bleeding, the only sound that could be heard through the deffening silence, was Merissa calling, "Hello? Hello?"

So, who made the rich heiress wait outside the poor people's cafe when there was an explosion due?

The End

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