The Device

I never liked the smell of burning flesh so my preference was less field time as possible.  This was a prime example.  There were bodies or rather,, pieces of bodies everywhere.

The area was almost maze like, I had to watch closely where I walked and what I touched.

Point of origin wasn't hard to recognize.  There was actually a two foot depression down into the floor.  The tile shot outwards the burns much more concentrated in this section.  Everything else had been blown outward and up.

I wanted that area processed.. there was no blood, just the hole and the marks from the high burn. 

For once I could look and tell right away, it had been our device, made right here in the good old U.S. of  A. 

It was a duel device, not large, something as simple as a cellphone or.. ahhh yes, there it was,  beautiful.. a lighter.

This device was one of those nasty little things our government liked to play with, and then realized it would be too powerful, too dangerous for the knowledge to be revealed,, but it always was wasn't it..  There was always someone willing to betray his or her country, if the price was right.

I picked up the hull of the lighter, it was black now but, I'm sure it had been metallic mostly steel gray, flip top.. The bad thing about these.. even if someone had known he had it and took it from him, there was no way to disarm it.  And it had to be disposed of very carefully.

It had been developed for offensive warfare, it was developed for a 0 survival rate..

It's properties were unstable, the chemical compound not only detonated but also flagrated..  an explosive hot burn..

I don't know why, I placed the lighter hull in my handkerchief and stuffed it into my pocket..  Something, just didn't sit well..



The End

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