Running Late

She cruised slowly past the cafe, keeping a sharp eye out for a parking space. She  sighed  heavily as she passed the entrance. She hoped she wouldn't have to walk too far. She was already a whole hour late leaving for lunch, and her head was aching from caffeine withdrawal. She needed coffee now!!

She was a block down when she saw a spot across the street.  She gave a pleased little yelp as she noticed it, and made a quick U turn. She nabbed it just ahead of an olive green jeep that was already on that side.

She was only half way into the spot, when the driver in the jeep decided to take a nice long nap on his horn. He apparently didn't appreciate having his parking space pulled right out from under him!  The blaring noise of it gave her headache that  extra nudge to jump it up from sore to truly painful.

"Great. This day just keeps getting better and better," she thought sarcastically.

Her bad day just got worse. Her boss had signed her up for that first aid course without her knowledge or permission. He had just mentioned it without warning as she left work yesterday. 

She had to leave for work two hours early, and she hadn't been able to reschedule her daughter's driving test. Her daughter was needless to say, not a happy camper. Arguing the point had made her too late to even grab a coffee before she left home.

The sharp angle of her turn made it impossible to drive right into the available space, she could only make it half way in. The rear end of her car was stuck out into the street. She would have to back out and parallel park. She put her mid sized sedan into reverse and tried to ease back, but couldn't . The jeep driver had driven forward and completely blocked her progress backward.

She glanced in her rear view mirror and saw the jeep driver glaring at her, daring her to make a move. She was considering the wisdom of ramming the jeep in reverse to push it aside, when the driver got out. The opportunity to ram had passed, unless she was willing to commit motor manslaughter.

She got out of her own vehicle, wondering if this guy could be reasoned with, when all hell broke loose!!!

The huge plate glass window of the cafe blew outwards, carrying a thick red mist with it . Bits and pieces of tables, chairs, and people exploded out into the street.

The pressure blasted the man, the woman, and the jeep down the street like dice thrown on a game board.

The End

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