Chapter Fiften: All Is ForgivenMature

Was I completly out of my mind, how could I have possibly forgiven and forgotten Thomas's whole 'coming on to me' mode, the texts on my phone were all from him and I couldnt ignor the many 'Sorry, I was in a funny mood' texts, work was getting to me if only people would give me a break, I didn't want to go into the nitty gritty details of the 'attack' therefore I said nothing, to be honest with you though, I really wouldnt like the whole 'Oh my god your so brave' speeches, I didn't want a sympathy vote, I want shelter, a place where I could go to, not a person.

Anna had finished nine p.m. after working over time for the fifth night in a row, thankfully Saturday was on it's way, and with a quick shower, shave and change, Anna was hitting Bournemouth's night clubs. Three night clubs down, five glasses of vodka and coke, Anna was completly demolished, she hopped into a cab and went to her final night club 'Bournemouth's Essential Pop Club'.

Dancing to modern and classic pop music and another two shots of vodka and a can of coke, Anna was absolutly out of her head, talking to random people and dancing with anyone, tommorow morning was going to be a real killer for her.

The End

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