Chapter Fourteen: Terrifying ActMature

Work again was much the same apart from finishing an hour early due to the kindness of Jeremy who insisted on it, after all Anna had been working terribly hard these couple of days, today Anna went on a different mode of transport via taxi, she wasn’t really feeling up to seeing Thomas at the station it was beginning to become a regular thing.

Twenty pounds down Anna was at home chilling to some loud music and a drink of vodka and coke, dancing in her underwear around the flat wasn’t as flattering as she had thought it would be, getting absolutely drunk wasn’t Anna’s look but she needed to be out of herself, a knock at the door disturbed Anna’s dancing, pulling on her skinny jeans and chequered shirt she raced to answer the door.

“Thomas?!” Anna said as she wobbled into him, “Anna you are clearly very, very drunk” Thomas said as he lightly pushed passed Anna into the flat, “What do you think you are doing in my house?!” Anna asked “And how an earth do you know where I live?”, “I wanted to see you, but maybe not the right day to come by and I called your office and said you left something round mine and needed to give it to you right away” said Thomas, “I didn’t say you could come in, I don’t want you in my house, please leave!” shouted Anna, Thomas forced himself on Anna as he pressed her body against the wall kissing her harshly on her lips, Anna tried pushing him off her but her arms and rest of body were crushed by his, his lips moved to her neck where he again harshly kissed her neck leaving a mark, “Get off me Thomas” Anna screamed, but he ignored her request, “I mean it Thom, please get off me!” Anna screamed again, Thomas again ignored and tried pulling off her chequered shirt, “Please Thom stop now, stop it!” Anna screamed as she was able to free her hands from his crushing body, clenching her fist she punched Thomas’s chest and belly.

Thomas stepped away from Anna, spat on her face, then said “You frigid bitch, you wouldn’t be worth it anyway”, as he left the flat Anna slowly slid down the wall into a ball figure crying alone to herself, she wished she hadn’t got tipsy, she wished she hadn’t ever gotten to know Thomas, she was in a mess and needed her family for support but there was no one.

The End

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