Chapter Thirteen: News From HomeMature

“Good evening Mrs Price speaking, how may I help you?” Mrs Price asked, “Mum! It’s so good to hear your voice” said an almost in tears Anna, “Oh Anna, I have been so worried about you, everyone is asking after you, I don’t know exactly what to say to them except I hope that you are doing well, it’s been three weeks and a day Anna, what have you been up to?” Mrs Price asked, “So much, I moved into a lovely studio flat, the rents cheap enough, one hundred per calendar month, I got one of my books published today, ten thousand per book I produce plus any addition money the company doesn’t need, I miss you all so much, I’m so glad your boss didn’t keep you working late tonight I would have hated to not hear your voice, what’s happening with Dad, Andrew and Katy?” Anna asked, “That’s great news about your book love all the best and don’t spend all the money at once Anna promise me wont you, it’s been far too long, when will you be coming home? Oh they are all as fit as a fiddle Anna, please come home soon, I do ever so much love you and want you to be safe, I can’t stand around a phone all day waiting for your call, come home soon, during March or April when the suns out, look honey your Dad wants a word so I’ll pass you over to him, Ok, I love you Anna, bye” said Mrs Price, “Bye Mum, love you so much as well, I promise to save some money for better accommodation, I love you too, bye” said Anna to Mrs Price, “Anna where’s my kiss and cuddle every night, have you changed much?, it seems forever since we last saw you, your sisters going through a stage of small shorts, low cut tops, orange tan and black leather boots, teenagers call this fashion I call it disaster, your my baby girl I don’t want you to be hurt by anyone remember that bad people are out there Anna” said Mr Price, “Dad you forever worry about me I’ll be fine, I have lived in Bournemouth for three weeks and know which roads I should and shouldn’t be going on, the area I live at is lovely full of young children and elderly people, so I guess it must be safe, however I haven’t got a car so no one can steal it, I catch the train Dad it’s safe and I travel with a good friend of mine” Anna said to her Dad, “Oh that’s good to hear Anna, make sure he’s safe, you know what I mean, make sure he’s not one of these crazy goons, Anna I have to go now, Andrew wants to speak to you, so I love you and stay safe” said Mr Price, “I love you too Dad and I’ll stay safe” said Anna again about to flood the floor with tears.

“Oi Anna where have you been, we all miss you, come back home and start again, you’ll need to come back sometime, won’t you? Look I was going to ask you if you wanted to help me in a few weeks time, I’m redecorating my bedroom because I think the whole Noddy in Toyland and Thomas the Tank Engine are a little too outdated for my age, it’ll be a nice chance for  you to see us all, my bloody boss keeps calling me for more hours at the shoot, I’m fed up with working, Anna I love you with all my heart girl” said Andrew, “Andrew, I really don’t know where people are getting the message that I have run away because this is not true, I am simply exploring where the world can take me, so don’t go passing on the message that I have run away because that is not the case, anyway Andrew this call is taking way too much of my credit and I would be delighted at the opportunity to come and redo your bedroom, it needed a good lick of paint, pass this to Katy we need an emergency girly chat, no peeping in, love you, bye” Anna said in a happier tone.

“Anna! Mum is being a right bitch towards me because right you know as I’m sixteen and all that, well I wanted some mates over for like an alcoholics night, she said no, then I said well can some of my mates sleep round and then she says no, and then my mates said that I should do all of those things round there house and I said it was a good idea coz I’m out of Mum and Dad’s way but again she said no, however I had this idea about going to a nightclub and funnily enough she goes yeah so I’m planning on going to M-E-N-T-A-L in a couple of weeks what do you say about that?” Katy asked, “Sure I’ll come that’s if I’m not working the following morning” Anna began, “I was also wondering if you could lend me some money, just for that night, I’ll pay you back I promise, sister swear” said Katy, “Fine just this once Katy, I will not be doing it again for you, look I really need to get going I’m low in credit, I love you all and see you soon at the various events you are organising, also tell me about the whole Andrew thing on Friday, I’ll ring you, bye” said Anna slightly angry at how long the conversation went on for.

The End

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