Chapter Twelve: Being NaiveMature

Packing her things ready to leave the office was strange today for Anna, just thinking back on the weeks was difficult for her especially as recently she had been having such a confusing time deciding what she wanted to do, but now she was ready for that decision, she was to stay in Bournemouth enjoy her pa job and become a part-time author whenever she needed to.

Sitting on an empty bench was Thomas texting away at his mobile or playing a game, either way he was tapping vigorously at the numbers, he faced Anna who didn’t exactly know where to stand, was she to stand next to him or was she to stand away from him, if she stood next to him it would indicate that she had made her decision to stay with him long term but if she stood away it would mean she was defiantly avoiding him. Out of nowhere Thomas’s hand grabbed Anna’s and together they sat on the bench watching the trains go past and time tick by.

“I don’t blame you for being confused and unsure of what you want to do, your young and naive, I’ve been in your shoes, when I got my ex knocked up I wasn’t sure whether I wanted it or the responsibility of becoming a dad, but I made a good decision to stay in contact with my ex, seeing and being part of my son’s growing up is an amazing feeling, but I’m open arms Anna, whatever you decide make a good decision not just for yourself but for your family, they are the ones that raised you” Thomas began “Maybe I was naive a couple of days ago, it was just too soon for both of us, what a bombshell I was, being single yet having a son, a drunken first date, apology the next plus a fish and chips, in my bedroom in just your underwear the following morning, you thinking we hit things off in the afternoon, bonding with my son, it was too much...I admit I’m high maintenance and I need a woman who can keep me on the ball all the time, I think we just need to slow things down, do you agree?”, “Yes Thom, I do agree very much, thank-you for your honestly I would love to just start again but slowly of course, what do you think” asked Anna, “I think...I think your very right, Anna I love you” said Thomas.

The End

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