Chapter Eleven: GobsmackedMature

Sitting in front of the man who may make your draft writing a publishing is a big step for anyone, Anna knew her work was good but not as good as some other authors have wrote, she couldn’t breathe this was a career which she wanted, to have no limits, no time schedule, no boss, no staff to deal with, just you, a computer, a mobile and lots of free time.  

Biting her finger nails as her boss wrote up a draft contract was just too much, her heart thumped faster and faster, deep breathing in and out began, sweating uncontrollably, this was even more nerve raking than applying for the pa job itself.

Placing the A4 piece of paper (Otherwise known as “The Contract”), a black ball point pen (Parker Pen) and a Starter/Welcome Pack in front of Anna, Jeremy lent back into his seat and talked finances, “As a starting pay for all new authors we generally ask them to do a series of books, in your case I would like you to do maybe...five or more books in the series, pay is always an issue but shall we say ten thousand per book plus advantages and when I say advantages I mean any additional money we make in the book sales will go directly into your bank account, normally for each book we sell we’ll keep the money up to sixty thousand pounds any more profit made after the sixty thousand is yours to keep” said Jeremy, “I’m sorry I still don’t understand about these advantages you are talking about, could you possibly simplify it for me?” Anna asked, “Basically we sell your book to shops for two pound per book, the shops can then sell the books at recommended retail price normally about three pounds, once the shops give us the sixty thousand pounds, the rest they give after sales is given to your personal bank account” answered Jeremy.

The End

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