Chapter Ten: Stressing OutMature

The office was again cold, miserable and empty but I suppose that’s what you get when you agree to your boss’s contract on starting a six am start every day of the week, Jeremy hadn’t even been in the office any of last week so he had to do a mega amount of catching up to work on. Anna pulled out her personal mobile phone from her pocket and rang her younger sister Katy;

“Morning this is Katy Price” said Katy, “Hello Katy, it’s me Anna and how are you all?” Anna asked, “Oh my god, I thought it was going to be you ringing me at this hour, I’m great, Mum’s been so worried about you, why haven’t you called in so long, we all miss you here” Katy answered and asked, “I know, it has been too long, I have been meaning to but...I really miss you Katy as well as Andrew but I miss you the most you better not have moved anything from my side of the room otherwise I will get rid of all your pictures of the Harry Potter clan on my side of the room” Anna said, “No you are never going to pull those off the wall, how is work?, have any of your writings been published, I know that you have such talent for writing it’ll be a shame for your boss not to have read any” said Katy “Look I would love to stay and chat but Mum’s calling me for breakfast, I’ll give all you love to them and I’ll call you after college and tell you all the gossip especially with Andrew, anyway I’ll give you all the gossip tonight, I finish eight so I’ll speak to you then, bye honey, love you loads Anna, bye”, “Bye Katy love you all very much” said Anna as she placed her phone into her pocket.

Jeremy soon arrived into the office with a pile of paperwork in one hand and his mobile in the other, “Morning, call all of these will you” Jeremy asked her, he plopped the pile of paperwork onto Anna’s desk and went into his office with just a mobile in hand, “Great thank-you” Anna said to herself, this time in her head just in case Jeremy could hear, four hundred people Anna had to text, e-mail, call and send a fax to saying that their application was unsuccessful and should they have any queries they are to call Jeremy personally.

The office began to fill up with staff who enjoyed their surprise week off, Anna was still calling and tapping at the computer and on the phone whilst trying to organise things for the staff to do, multitasking wasn’t a thing which Anna really excelled at however she was always up for a task. Jeremy literally jumped out of his office door and called Anna in, hurrying her to the brown leather seats in front of his oak desk, “I am very impressed Anna with your work, it’s very interesting and fulfilling, however I do think you missed out on your vocation” Jeremy began, Anna was confused, surly she was doing a good enough job, “You look confused Anna, as if I’m talking about something you don’t know about” Jeremy asked, “I know I was in two minds the other day about leaving to London but I think I better stay here and wait it out...” Anna began, “Anna I’m not talking about your job here as my pa, because you are doing a spectacular job, I’m talking about your manual script of your unpublished book, the one you left on my desk sometime during the week” Jeremy started again.

The End

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