Chapter Nine: Anna's Wants and FearsMature

Sunday had always been a rest day for Anna who wasn't really looking forward to the joys of work on Monday, however this morning she woke up early to see Kieran in the front room packing his things away awaiting his mothers arrival, Anna lent down to Kieran's level and helped within a matter of minutes they were laughing and cuddling on the floor, Anna soon stopped messing around and began thinking, wasn’t it a little too soon, she just only met the guy now she was having a joke with his kid, Anna bit her bottom lip and made an exit leaving a note on the kitchen table for Thomas to read, it said something on the lines of; Thomas, this is too soon for me, let me figure out what to do, contact you soon, Anna x.

She ran to all the signs which pointed to the nearest train station, waiting at the station were full of wants and fears, what did Anna actually want, was she on the rebound from her ex Aaron, was she ready to have a long and personal relationship with Thomas, why was Cheryl being a bitch towards her, did she really want to be in Bournemouth at all, did she want to be with her Mum, Dad, sister and brother or did she truly want a new life in the coast away from everyone she knows. Anna’s train arrived and again all those questions repeated in her head over and over again until she went home and soaked in a warm bubbly bath with a glass of red wine.

The End

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