Chapter Eight: Cute and SexyMature

The couple walked hand in hand together back to Thomas’s house where they ordered pizza and had a little alcoholic drink, Kieran was very timid however he was at peace in his Dad’s arms as he gently placed his small and rather skinny body on Thomas’s lap, “He’ll be gone tomorrow for yet another week and back again early Saturday, I just wanted to thank-you for being nice to Kieran today, you could have just ignored him however you engaged in conversations, just thanks” said Thomas to Anna, “May I ask where does Kieran’s mum live and what does she do for a living?” she asked, “She lives in Bognor Regis and works in Butlins over the weekends hence why I keep Kieran over the weekends also when Kieran isn’t at nursery for I believe they call it half term holidays and such I also get to keep him as she works overtime” Thomas answered and then said “I better take him to bed, I don’t want him to be restless in the morning, will you stay tonight” he got up off the sofa and slowly moved Kieran off him and carried him into one of the rooms, “If you want me to stay I’ll stay” Anna said as her heart pounded faster and faster, “I better make the sofa bed up will you excuse me for just a second...” Thomas began, “I don’t mind you sleeping with me” Anna spoke before rewording “I mean I don’t mind you sleeping in the same bed I am”, Anna bit her bottom lip, Thomas just laughed and carried Anna to the bedroom.

As the two got into bed with each other for the first time (Just wanted to make it clear that Anna and Thomas both had underwear on) they began a conversation, Thomas dazed again into Anna’s beautiful blue eyes before asking “Anna may I ask you a personal question, I just wanted to know, how many partners have you had in your time?”, Anna did the same and dazed into his hazel eyes, “The question you mean to ask is how many sexual partners have I had in my twenty years?” Anna asked, Thomas smiled, bit his lip and said “Yes Anna that was the question I was referring to, how many sexual partners have you had?”, “To be honest with you Thom, I have only ever in my entire life had one serious boyfriend and you know what, he never asked me to sleep with him, so I guess you can say, you are in bed with a twenty year old virgin” Anna spoke truthfully, Thomas shuffled up slowly “No I don’t believe you” Thomas said, Anna quickly shuffled up to his level, kissed him softly and slowly, then said “Fine don’t believe me”, “Aren’t you going to ask how many I have had?” Thomas asked, “Honestly Thomas, I wouldn’t like to know how many, obviously one more than I have considering you have a son and on our first date when you said that your son was a great kid an’ all but it was due to a condom error, you said that you have been safer since” Anna smiled and slowly drifted to sleep whilst Thomas was trying to say the next sentence.

The End

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