Chapter Seven: Did We?Mature

Anna's eyes slowly flickered opened, as she rolled her eyes to wake her up more, she shuffled realising she wasn't in her own bedroom, the room was a light green colour, with wooden flat pack furniture, she slowly brought her body up from the bed and faced the bedside cupboard, lying there was a condom box, "Shit, fucking hell Anna what have you done this time" Anna said to herself out loud, as she pulled the covers off her body, she saw the only thing she was wearing was her underwear, "Oh Christ" Anna said again to herself out loud, in the corner of the room lay Anna's clothes neatly folded on a wooden chair, Anna quickly popped them on and sat on the bed looking for any evidence of last night’s activities.

She slowly moved to the bedroom door and twisted the handle around, pulling it towards her lead her to a hallway, walking past some closed doors she found an open door to the left, the front room. Inside was a small child and Thomas, "Morning sleepyhead" Thomas said as he leapt out of the sofa and over to Anna, "Hello" said the small child, "Hi" said Anna to both of them, Thomas kissed and cuddled Anna as he went into the kitchen and came out with a tray full of toast, a mixture of spreads, a full English breakfast, a pot of tea and some fruit juices in a glass, he placed the tray onto the front room table and started to sit down and eat together.

Thomas walked Kieran and Anna to the local park where Kieran played with other children on the swings, slides and roundabouts, Thomas sat on an empty bench and Anna joined. “Thomas I have been wondering for the past couple of hours about last night, I can’t seem to remember anything, I don’t believe I drank at all” Anna began, “Maybe you just enjoyed yourself too much that you forgot the rest” Thomas laughed, “Thom this really isn’t very funny, will you give me a straight forward answer?” Anna asked, “How am I supposed to answer a question when you haven’t asked one?” he asked, Anna licked her lips, she couldn’t think of a way better to put it than “Did we have sex last night?” Thomas laughed and kissed Anna on her dry, cracked plus moist lips, Anna withdraw from his kiss and backed slowly away half enjoying the kiss but half wanting to know the answer, “Will you give me an answer?” Anna asked, Thomas placed his warm hands on her cheeks and moved her face closer to his, “No we didn’t have sex as you bluntly put it, I wouldn’t want to have it with you” he said, Anna opened her mouth wide with insult, “What?!” she said, Thomas smiled and said “No I mean I really want this, us to work, I have never met such an amazing woman as yourself who makes me smile so much that I’ll grow old with wrinkles around my mouth and I don’t think jumping into bed with you every opportunity I have is the right way to go about it”, “How did I wake up wearing only my undergarments?” Anna finally asked, “Because you were so tired and gone that I removed your clothing so that you can have a restful night’s sleep, if I knew it would be a problem with me seeing you in your underwear than I wouldn’t have undressed you” Thomas finally said.

The End

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