Chapter Six: ApologiseMature

Three missed calls were left on Anna's mobile phone from Jeremy, she hadn’t told him about her day off yesterday, picking up the call he said:

"Where were you yesterday?" he yelled down the phone, "Jeremy I had to take the day off I wasn't feeling well" Anna began, "Anna it's your job to tell me if you are not feeling well, why didn't you call me?" Jeremy asked as his voice lowered, "I was under so much stress, I missed home so much and thought if I told you I felt slightly homesick than you would ask me to go into the office, I really needed that day off just to think about what I'm doing" Anna said, "You're not thinking of leaving are you?" Jeremy asked, "I'm not sure Jeremy, if I had an option to go back to a job and a home than I would probably take it" Anna answered truthfully, "I understand moving from a home in London to Bournemouth where you have a small amount of friends and no family around it must be hard especially because you are young" Jeremy sympathised, "I'm so sorry Jeremy I suppose this isn't for me" Anna said again truthfully as she placed on hand on her forehead, "Look I'll tell you what I'll do, I will speak to a publishing company in London and see what they can offer you, but until then will you still work at Bourne Book Publishers?" Jeremy asked, "Thank-you Jeremy, you have been much help, thanks" Anna was delighted at what Jeremy had offered her, "Fine starting Monday I will be ringing up companies and asking if they have any jobs going" Jeremy said, Anna said her final thanks before putting the phone down and starting her daily routine of looking one million dollars and catching the train to work and into the office.

Today was a Friday last day of  the week, looking around the office was boring especially as there was nothing to do except from answer calls, e-mails, text messages and faxes and oddly today there were no calls, no e-mails, no text messages and no faxes, Anna switched on her office computer and tapped away, within a matter of hours she had created half a book, although there were some minor errors like spelling and punctuation corrections to be made she carried on until she finished her days work, Anna bit her lip as she hovered her curser over the print button, one click and A4 paper was spitting out of the machine. Collecting all the loose bits of paper, she stapled them together and placed them on Jeremy’s desk, for him to read when he went into the office on Monday.

As Anna placed her foot on the final stair in the stairwell she noticed Thomas sitting on the bench waiting for the train to arrive, casually she sat beside him and waited for the train, “I’m sorry for the way I behaved the other night, it’s not normal for me to be drunk after one beer, the barmaid told me that I practically forced myself upon you, I really am terribly sorry for everything” Thomas said as he looked into Anna’s blue eyes, all Anna could do was smile and say that everything was alright and that he was forgiven for his drunken behaviour, then she started to talk about her homesickness, before long they had got onto the train and off at Bournemouth beach eating fish and chips watching the sun go down.

As the two walked towards the sandy beach Thomas bent down to Anna’s feet and removed her shoes then picked her up into his arms and carried her down into the warm sand, “I am truly in love with you Anna” Thomas said as he lay Anna down beside him in the sand stoking her hair, he gently moved over her and kissed her slowly on her lips, she kissed him back slowly before they got up and went to Thomas’s home.

The End

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