Chapter Five: A Relaxing Day OffMature

Anna's head spun round and round, what was she doing in Bournemouth with a new job, a first date, leaving a loving family, an ex and old friends in London. Anna slowly moved off from her double bed and waddled over to the wardrobe directly opposite; pulling out a countless amount of clothing Anna could see nothing she would have liked to wear. She walked into her ensuite, filled the bath up with bubbles and vanilla fragrances, slowly taking each piece of clothing off from her rather cold body and taking a long bathe.

Footprints lead from the ensuite to the bed, where Anna removed the electric shaver from the rechargeable stand to begin the daily routine of looking one million dollars (well pounds but you get what I mean), she walked over to a chest of draws and pulled out matching underwear, removing her towel from her naked body she popped her underwear on and walked over to her vanity mirror, looking at her reflection she dazed at her cleavage wondering if ever it would increase in size or if her freckles would disappear with age. Underneath the vanity desk was a small draw, inside was a bottle of foundation, pencil eyeliner, a sweet glossy lip gloss, mascara tube and an eye shadow palette.

Slowly Anna applied a pea sized amount of foundation to her face, with one hand she used to hold the pencil the other to keep her eyelids open she placed the pencil at the very corners of the eye and created a line around the eye, then shutting her eyelids she placed a small amount of the eye shadow on her eyelids, Anna moved closer to the mirror to apply the mascara making sure that every stroke created a long lash look, finally by pouting her lips she placed the gloss on her already natural rose coloured lips. "Picture perfect" Anna said to herself as she left the vanity desk and mirror to put on her black leggings, blue and white flower dress and black pumps. A quick blow dry and brush to her hair, Anna was out the door with her brown leather bag and matching jacket.

The weather had cleared up since Anna went out last, the sun was out and there was a slight breeze, the ice still remained on the streets where the snow had frozen up, a few slips and slides later Anna was in Cafe Nero sipping hot chocolate from a mug with five bags worth of food and clothes by her side. She leant into her seat, closed her eyes and thought about all those who she left behind, such a long way away, opening her eyes slow diamond tears came down, grabbing a tissue from her table she placed it on her cheek and laughed quietly to herself, wishing so much to be home right now with her sister, brother and parents.

The End

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