Chapter Four: Anna's First DateMature

Thomas had chosen a great Italian place by the beach, the views of the beach were breathtaking for Anna who always loved her summer holidays beside the seaside, both Thomas and Anna flirted with each other throughout the starter by talking about their past, future and present, “I lived in London up until the age of nineteen, I had this big argument with my folks and left, you see I accidently made my girlfriend pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby, our decisions differed and so now  I have a little boy who’s three, oh I’m twenty two now” Thomas said, “Well I left London to start fresh, a clean slate, forget all my problems and work upwards, I suppose it’s going well at the moment but sometime I will need to pluck up the courage and face my downfalls, I’m twenty I recently left a London university and now I’m here” Anna laughed and asked “What’s your son’s name?”, “His name is Kieran, I see him every weekend if I’m not busy or if his mum can take him to mine, he’s a great kid but his what you get when you don’t use a condom, I’ve been safe since” he said as he smiled, Anna smiled back, the conversation soon ran dry, starters soon arrived, prawn cocktail with a salad garnish for Anna and garlic bread and salsa dip for Thomas, both shared food between them and the conversation begin...again.

The main course was more enjoyable for them as it was a shared meal meaning that they got to know each other’s hates and delights of food, “Have you ever been to Italy?” Thomas asked as he placed a meatball in Anna’s mouth, Anna quickly swallowed and answered “Yes only once though when I was fifteen it was a surprise by my parents” Anna was soon given a slice of meat pizza before Thomas asked “Do you mind if I have a drink of something alcoholic?”, “No I don’t mind you having a drink” Anna said, “Would you like to join me in one?” Thomas asked, “Go on then but just one” Anna warned, “And what shall you like to drink?” Thomas asked, “I’ll just have a vodka and coke” Anna answered, Thomas slowly walked over to the bar and ordered one beer and a vodka and coke before returning back to the table with the drinks in hand, “Will I be seeing you tomorrow at the train station?” Thomas asked, “Yeah I suppose up until Friday as I don’t work weekends” Anna said, “Shall I tell you a secret?” Thomas asked, “What?” Anna asked, “I don’t work weekends either” said Thomas, Anna could tell Thomas was drunk which freighted her slightly, “I’ll get the bill, I have to leave I’ve got an early start tomorrow and I can’t be late” Anna said as she walked over to the bar and paid for the meal, Thomas walked over to Anna and kissed her neck, although for most people it would feel sexual for Anna knowing him all of about three hours it was strange and uncomfortable, “Would you see that he gets home” Anna asked the barman, he nodded and Anna left the restaurant and called a taxi home.

The End

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