Chapter Three: Bad WeatherMature

Anna’s phone buzzed twice, the messages were from Jeremy asking if Anna could call all the staff telling them not to come into the office due to the weather conditions, Anna checked her phones clock, five to six in the morning, the staff were due in at nine giving exactly three hours to contact one hundred staff and tell them to not come in for the week, well so much for seeing Thomas everyday this week. After a wash, shave and brush, Anna’s phone rung:

“Hello Anna, this is Jeremy just wanted to inform you to tell all members of staff  not turn up for work  the rest of the week due to the bad weather conditions, however as my pa you have to be in the office for the whole week to answer the telephones and book meetings and more, do you get me?” Jeremy asked, “Yes I do, I have to call all members of staff telling them not to come in and I have to come in myself to the office” Anna read back to him.

Anna ran to the train station and quickly jumped onto the train which was just about to leave the station, she sat on one of the empty seats and started reading a book which she recently bought, three stops later Anna was off the seat and running down the road for the office, as she approached the office door she placed her massive brown leather bag on the floor and searched for the keys, finally at the very bottom of the bag was the three silver keys, she opened the double glass doors and rushed through closing the doors behind her, she walked down the corridor and with another silver key opened the double wooden doors, in the room at the side of the double wooden doors was a white box with a keyhole slot, Anna placed the third and final key into the keyhole and boom all the lights and heating to the office switched on.

Now inside the warm and dry office she walked out of the room and down the corridor which was now warm and lit with lightening showing all of the books published with the company, Anna then locked the double glass doors with the first lock she used to open the door then walked back into the room and began to call each and every one of the staff.

All Anna could think about was seeing Thomas at the train station, she replayed the whole session with Thomas in her head and laughed to herself “How stupid was I, I sounded like a right dope”, after taking two hours worth of lunchtime shopping in Bournemouth Town she returned to the office to answer more phone calls and book more meetings for Jeremy the following week. Three hours later, a few stretches, e-mails, phone calls, faxes and text messages later Anna finished her day of work and walked slowly to the station, again it was empty just like it was last night, a sound of steps appeared down the stairwell and out came Thomas looking slightly restless and sat beside Anna.

“Wow not everyday a man gets to see a woman he met the night before the next day, to be honest with you I thought I wasn’t going to see you again” he laughed, he’s smile was just gorgeous, white teeth and perfectly straight, “Me neither, I also thought I wouldn’t be seeing you today due to the bad weather, has it ever snowed this bad before because I don’t think my boss has seen it like this?” Anna asked, “Yes but not like this, its bitter cold out here” he said “Tell you what do you want to go out tonight for a meal with me, my treat?”, Anna was delighted at the chance and agreed.

The End

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