Chapter Two: Anna's On Her OwnMature

Jeremy left the office due to a meeting with a future author, leaving Anna alone in the office to sort out the one to ones with staff, first up was Cheryl, "You alright?" Cheryl asked, "Not too bad, so we are here to talk about how you think you are getting on and how you think you can improve on yourself and I'll give you feedback, so go ahead and I'll jot some ideas down for Jeremy to read when he gets back" Anna asked, "Well I would say that I was a good worker here as I have always been social with all the team, I provide the company with a numerous amount of future authors, I do overtime whenever Jeremy asks me to, when Julie was working here I respect every decision she had made, I am a good keen person who wants to provide the business with authors to make the business successful, that is all” said Cheryl, “I think that probably was the most honest opinion of yourself, maybe a way in which you can improve on your knowledge of the company is by going on a course to increase your knowledge of book selling” Anna offered, however Cheryl took this as an offence to her work and walked out of the room and back to her desk.

The one to ones continued whilst Cheryl again bitched to Bridget about Anna, “Who is she to tell me to go on courses to improve on my work, bloody bitch, she’s how old? About twenty and telling me to go on courses about book selling, well if Julie was here she would certainly put Anna in her place, we’ve been working here for ten years and I have never felt so small by a twenty year old, when Jeremy comes back I am putting in a complaint about this girl, and I mean girl because she isn’t worthy of being called a woman...”, “Look maybe she didn’t mean to be so rude as you put it...” Bridget began, “Whose side are you on Bridge? She said that I should go on a course to improve on my knowledge of bookselling, you just wait until she has a one to one with you then tell me what she says” asked Cheryl.

The day was far too long winded for Anna who hadn’t enjoyed her one to ones with some staff who considered her opinion as overly critical, Anna soon locked up the building and walked to the local train station and waited for her train to come, she rubbed her eyes and yawned, “Been a long day?” asked a tall gentleman with a small brown beard and wavy short hair, “I suppose so” Anna answered, “Are you from around here?” the gentleman asked, “No, originally I’m from London” Anna again answered, in some ways she hoped it was the end of conversation as he could have been some weird drunken man, that didn’t appear to be drunk, and in another way the tall and sexy looking man would carry on talking, “London, nice place however a little busy for my liking which is why I moved here myself, how do you like Bournemouth so far?” he asked, “Less busy” Anna answered, she couldn’t move her lips any more, she was love struck, “My names Thomas by the way” he said as he lowered his hand into a small handshake towards Anna, “Hi I’m Anna” Anna said as she produced a hand from her coat pocket and shook Thomas’s hand, a train stopped in front of the pair and Thomas stepped onboard with Anna in tow.

The train was crowded with school children swinging on the overhead rails, jumping on the chairs, music blaring from their IPods and gizmo gadgets, running through the carriages, Thomas leaned forward into Anna’s ears “I take it that you haven’t been on Bournemouth’s trains in the peak hour? You’ll get used to it” he promised, Anna bit her bottom lip and after one stop all school children jumped off the carriage at their stop, a sigh of relief came to Anna.

Thomas walked over to two empty seats and allowed Anna to sit next to him, “Where do you work?” Thomas asked, “I work in Bourne Book Publishers, yourself?” she asked, “I work in Bournemouth Motor Mechanics Technology, full of science boffins and dirty men” he laughed, after a further two stops Anna leaped out of her seat and waved a goodbye, Thomas asked “Will you be waiting for a train tomorrow?”, “Yes and everyday” she smiled and walked home.

The End

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