Anna has just left her home in London to start her new career in Bournemouth, she encounters trouble as her new peers in Bourne Book Publishers dislike her status in the company, it doesn't get any better when younger sister Katy has an argument with their parents and decides to make an unannounced visit, finally more trouble is ahead for Anna when ex-boyfriend Aaron takes up a job at Bourne Book Publishers...will this be the failing of Anna and her career or will she stay strong and look ahead?

"Good morning, I do hope you enjoyed your weekend drinking at Toni’s or clubbing in Code, as I probably mentioned to you last week we have a new team member joining today, this is Anna she's worked at London's Exclusive magazine for two years and moved to Bournemouth two weeks ago, she will be taking over the duties of Julie as my personal assistant, she will be in the office from six in the morning until six in the evening, I believe that's all I have to say at the moment, have a good day and speak to you all tomorrow at eight here" said Jeremy, the staff soon started talking about Julie's sudden leave and her new and much younger replacement...Anna.

The day was soon over for Anna who's heels were grated after spending twelve hours on 5 1/2 inch heels, as Anna stepped foot into her studio flat, she switched on the radio, poured herself a glass of white wine before stepping into a warm bubbly bath. Half an hour later a new refreshed Anna appeared tired and hungry from her day at work, a bacon chicken and cheese pasta bake later Anna is left sleeping on the sofa leaving episodes of Desperate Housewives to replay to itself.

Back at the office the following morning the office girls start to talk...about Anna, "I mean what's happened to Julie? She hasn't called me in a month its unusual for her not to call weekly, I am worried about her" said Bridget, "Oh I wouldn’t stress to much Bridge, the new girl Anna will be a blast, posh tart like her, you wait two weeks from now she'll be going out with Jerry" said Cheryl, "No! I don't think she's the type to go out with Jeremy, he's dashing but he's far too old for her..." Bridget began, "Really Bridge if you didn't notice how low her blouse was yesterday you really must have your eyes retested, Jerry noticed it right away, you could tell as soon as he was announcing her entrance into the company that he was admiring her..." Cheryl finished, "I would keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job Cheryl, gossip isn't why you work here, your job is to find future authors and if you can't do that than your better off not working here, Anna got the job because of her experience in London and Julie left because of problems with her marriage, so if you don't mind please answer the telephone" said Jeremy.

The End

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