One day Boon's life changes when he discovers a magical snail figurine - the gateway to Momenssia. Boon soon finds himself on a fantastic and confusing journey into memory, wishes and fears.

Mr. Garner's house is filled with the many mementos that he has collected throughout his full life and, although nobody knows where they came from, everyone looks at them in wonder.

Once a week Mr. Garner wakes up early to select the things he wishes to put on show and proceeds to clean them as best he can with a rag made out of an old pair of flannel pants. Once they appear clean to his aging eyes he sets them out in an order that he believes is appealing and takes a few steps backwards to take pleasure in this display. Mr. Garner's fading eyesight and the slight tremble that he has developed in his right hand makes it hard for him to keep all his prized objects in good condition but he is adamant that the display in the window remains presentable as he knows that passers-by regularly stand pressed up against the fence eagerly trying to sneak a look at it. 

Book Winkle lives on the same street as Mr. Garner and, as long as there is nobody else leaning over the fence to gaze at the objects, he stops to look in at Mr. Garner's window on his way home from school. When there are people there Boon passes hurriedly by to avoid talking to them...

The End

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