Molysomophobia: ContinuedMature

►►► "I hope that wasn't your favorite." Joshua smirked. "No worries." Elaine chuckled. "Okay, now this is going to sting." Joshua warned. "Wonderful." Elaine sighed. Joshua poured some peroxide on her wound; Elaine cursing under her breath. "Alright. Bandaging time." Joshua chuckled. "We don't have band-" Elaine began, until she saw Joshua cutting her shirt into strips. "Never mind." She sighed. Joshua chuckled and began wrapping up Elaine's shoulder. "J-Josh?" Elaine asked. "Yeah?" Joshua replied. "What do you think our lives would have been like, had none of this happened?" Elaine asked. Joshua finished wrapping up Elaine's wound and looked up to her eyes. "I dunno really." he began, running his fingers up Elaine's throat to check for a bite, "I think all of us would have drifted apart, if we even kept contact." Elaine pressed her lips together. "I guess the outbreak did some good, the Government has kinda pulled it together." Joshua continued. He paused for a moment, "We should talk about this later." Elaine looked at him confused for a second, but agreed and picked up Scout. Joshua opened the door, let Elaine and Scout in, and silently closed the door behind him.

►►► "Sneaking out, are we?" Alexander smirked. "Alex, don't test me. There was an infected outside." Elaine grumbled, sitting down and wrapping the blanket around Scout and herself. "Oh, well now I don't have anything to write in my 'Ellie + Josh' fan-fiction." Alexander teased. "Oh shut up, you creep." Elaine growled. She closed her eyes and let sleep takeover. "Hey Josh?" Alexander asked. "Yeah Alex?" Joshua asked. "If you and Ellie ever go out, you'd better take good care of my sister." Alexander ordered. "Will do. No promises of us becoming a thing though." Joshua chuckled. "I know. I'm just warning you." Alexander said, furrowing his brow. "Alright. Get to sleep kid." Joshua laughed, ruffling Alexander's hair. They both leaned back into their seats and fell asleep.

The End

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