Molysomophobia: ContinuedMature

►►►"I said 'stop'. " she growled. The man, now less than two yards from her, tilted his head. "What's such a sweet darlin' doin' out so late?" his raspy voice asked. Elaine could see his skin getting redder by the minute. She slid the gun back into her waistband and knelt over, picking up a metal pipe. Scout whined louder and started pacing. Elaine slowly arose; once fully standing, she charged at the man. She aimed to smash his head with the metal pipe, when the man grabber her by the hair. He pulled her downwards, forcing her to bend over backwards. Scout saw this and darted over to Joshua, scratching his chest 'til her awoke. Elaine screeched at the pain and dropped the pipe. "What is it Scout?" Joshua yawned, rubbing his eyes. He heard Elaine's scream and ran out with a hunting rifle. As he aimed, the man lowered his mouth to Elaine's exposed throat. "Ellie!" Joshua yelled, moreover to get the man's attention. Joshua took the shot, hitting the man between his eyes. Blood splattered over Elaine's face and the man lurched back, he and Elaine falling on the ground.

►►► Elaine squealed in pain as her body made contact with the ground; her shoulder blade perfectly landing on the metal pipe. Scout jumped out of the van while Joshua was putting the rifle back and sprinted over to Elaine. She winced in pain when she tried moving her shoulder around. Joshua jogged over to her; Scout tried pulling Elaine into a sitting position by her shirt. "Oh gosh, Ellie." Joshua whispered, pulling Elaine up and wrapping her in a hug. Elaine squeaked when he touched her shoulder blade. "Sorry." he croaked, moving his arm away. He carefully helped Elaine up and walked her over to the van, sitting her on the step. Scout sat at Elaine's feet. Joshua grabbed a pocked knife and peroxide. "Wearing an undershirt?" Joshua asked. "Yeah." Elaine replied, going to pull off her top shirt, then squeaking in pain. "I've got a knife for a reason, silly." Joshua chuckled. He carefully ran the knife through the shirt and pulled it off Elaine.

The End

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