Molysomophobia: ContinuedMature

►►► Elaine started her thing and divided off the food. "8 ounces of peaches a day, 1 can of corn a day, 18 ounces of meat a day, and Scout gets 2 ounces of meat a day, not including what he gets from us." she blurted out. "Ah, our math genius strikes again." Leila chuckled. "It's adorable, if I have a say." Joshua smirked. Scout yipped in agreement. "Oh hush." Elaine snapped. "Okay kiddies, let's get some rest." Gerad announced. "Blankets Alexander?" Emily asked. "Sure thing." he chuckled, tossing six blankets over from behind the backseat. Joshua gave out the blankets while Alex hopped over the backseat. Elaine picked up Scout and traded seats with Alexander. Joshua slumped down in the backseat with Elaine. Everybody curled up underneath their blankets and shortly after fell asleep. Scout wriggled free and jumped up, looking out the window for any suspicious figures. After a moment and to no avail, he went back and jumped up onto Elaine's lap.


►►►Scout's ears perked up and he lifted his head. It'd been about two hours from his last patrol, so he decided to search around again. Scout wriggled free from Elaine and hopped up against the window. Seeing a figure staggering towards the van, he ran over to Elaine and started scratching her leg. "Huh? What Scout?" she yawned, only to look over and see the figure. "Oh shit." she whispered, pulling the revolver from her waist band. Opening the door as quietly as she could, she stepped out the van and closed the door; leaving it open just a crack. Scout started whining quietly and scratching at the door. Elaine neared the figure and saw it fully capable of a fight. "Halt!" Elaine ordered. The figure, to what Elaine could see as a man, kept trudging forward. Elaine raised her gun.

The End

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