Elaine, Joshua, Alexander, Leila and Scout work together. It's been 15 years since the beginning, and they struggle to survive. Can they actually do it? Or will they die trying?

►►►"Elaine, Josh, wake up." Leila whispered, gently shaking the two children. "Yes mommy?" Elaine yawned. Leila started, "Get up--" A gunshot interrupted her. "Honey, hurry up." Oscar urged. "I'm trying." Leila growled. Joshua stood up and rubbed his eyes, Elaine standing next to him. "Come on." Leila blurted out, grabbing Joshua and Elaine, pulling them out to Emily and Gerad's van. Gerad started it, Emily sat in the passenger seat, Leila sat Joshua behind Gerad and herself behind Emily with Elaine on her lap. "Oscar, get in!" Emily yelled. Oscar shot at another person and turned, yelling, "Go. I'll buy you some time." Gerad nodded, Leila closed the van door with a tear in her eye. Gerad drove away and Oscar was shot down. "Daddy!" Elaine screamed.

►►► "Ellie?" Alexander asked. Elaine snapped out of her trance, shaking her head. "Huh? Oh..." she muttered. "It's been 15 years since the beginning of the outbreak, should we celebrate our survival?" Gerad yipped. "Or my birthday..." Alexander murmured. "Let's see, how old are you again?" Joshua asked. "15. And you're 21, El's 20, Leila's 41, need I go on?" Emily asked. "No need to remind me Em." Leila grumbled. Elaine chuckled and started petting Scout. The dog jumped up and sat on her lap. "How many rations do we have left?" Joshua asked. "Uhm... Alexander?" Gerad asked. Alexander hopped over the van's backseat and started counting the cans. "2 cans of peaches, 4 cans of corn, 5 cans of SPAM, 1 can of ham, and a small can of beef for Scout." Alexander listed off. "Sounds about good for 4 days." Emily said.


The End

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