Love is found and lost in the strangest of places ....

Chasing after him, J fell more in love with him.

The story had started on a busy crowded subway. They had stood by each other's side like strangers for over an hour, pretending to not notice each other. The man had smelt of musk, fags and sweat. The intoxicating smell had distracted J. He found himself stealing glances at the man on his left.

He saw the muscles under the translucent white shirt. The unshaven face that never moved a muscle. A scar on his cheek. Dark blue eyes. Cheveux en pétard. He found himself unable to look away.

J found his heart beating harder. Though he couldn't say for certain if it was out of desire or fear. This had never happened to him before. His mouth had gone dry. He swallowed hard. And shifted his gaze to the window in front of him.

J felt his body go tense as he sensed the man inch closer. Frozen. He dared not move anymore. His heart beating harder. Goosebumps. His face flushed and warm. He stared straight ahead. The man's shoulder now touched J's. And J found it hard to breathe. His head spinning. The blood pumping through his veins. A smile on his face. He gripped the seat next to him as his legs seem to shake.

He took a deep breath. He knew that he had to do something. He moved closer till he could feel the warmth of the man. For a long time, he felt the rush of euphoria in his head. How long had he waited to feel like this? For this very moment of ecstasy.

The stop arrived. J sensed the man was turning towards him. He turned and made eye-contact. The two stared at each other. The doors opened. J and the man still looking at each other. J paralyzed as he watched the clean blue eyes stare back at him. Was this it? Was he in love? The blue-eyed man felt the same way. He saw it in his eyes.

Then something unexpected happened. The man swung at J. J fell to the ground, nose bleeding. And watched groggily as the man ran. He also noticed his blue wallet in the hand of the man. As he lay there, J knew that he had experienced something truly incredible. And he wasn't going to let it go so easily. He got up and ran screaming after the man. Fate had got them to meet. Now he knew he had to work to win his true love. And he would do so.

And as he chased after him, J fell more in love with him.

The End

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