The Dragon BallsMature

            "So if we collect all of these 'Dragon Balls' we can revive Zach and destroy the Hitler Zombie?" Jay Said. "No you collect them and I destroy the Hitler Zombie with the balls, because it would be impossible for you to use the Dragon Balls unless you have royal blood" answered Jack Sparrow. "But you don't have royal blood in you so how can you use the balls?" I asked. "I am of royal blood in the Land Of Thieves didn't you understand the  'King Of Thieves' bit that I explained earlier it wasn't a name, it was a rank." he replied. "Oh, lol i feel so stupid now" i said as i took a draw of my 'Peter Jackson Black', "this shit is smooth as" i said to jay. "yea but go easy we're running low on supplies" Jay said as

The End

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