Modern WarfareMature

The theme of this story is about war.

It is modern warfare, my brother Zach is dead he got shot by a nazi zombie and then eaten. Oh by the way my name is Sammy Docce Docce and I'm a General 1'st class were as my brother Zach was the God of War. He was our only hope in defeating the Hitler Zombie but now our chances are very slim.

           "There is no way we will defeat Hitler Zombie  now that Zach Docce Docce is defeated!" yelled Jay Docce Docce. "There is nothing we can do now to revive him all our withces and wizards are dead or to badly injured to help him, but I fear even if we restore Zach back to his original self Hitler will still find him and take him out" I replied to Jay as I took a sip of my beer and sighed. The door flies open "there is one way we can defeat Hitler and restore peace to the world!" said this dark figure in the doorway. "Who the hell are you?" I yelled, the figure walked in the door and closed it behind its self. "I am Wayne King, King of the thieves but people just call me Jack Sparrow for short" said Jack. "King of thieves!" Jay yelled.

The End

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