1: Imogen's Plan (part 2)Mature

Imogen's mouth hung open as the water began to trickle down her face. When she finally found the ability to speak again, she shrieked,"my hair!" Her fingers shot up to her head, were the curls in her hair were wet, but still maintained their thick bounciness.

"Your hair's fine," said Ellie. She was angrier than ever, but resisted the urge to shout. "Unlike our friendship." She wheeled around and strode away without a look back, leaving her tray and a half-eaten lunch behind her.

Jenny, who had remained quiet throughout the whole ordeal, called after, but was ignored.

Now, as she lay there in bed on the phone to Imogen, wished she had gone after her. She had peered into the piano room in the music department after school was over, but Ellie was not there. She even tried calling Ellie's mobile a few times, but it had gone straight to voicemail.

Jenny felt awful and despite playing no part in the lunchtime's argument, felt even worse for saying nothing at all. But speaking up meant picking sides, and Jenny was not prepared to choose one friend over the other. That was one flaw of Jenny's seemingly perfect personality.

"I should apologise," said Jenny, when Imogen had paused in her speech long enough for Jenny to get a word in. Imogen had somehow found a way to move the conversation over to the subject of Ethan. It was a special talent of hers.

"What? Say sorry to who?" Imogen didn't like being interrupted.
"To Ellie. I feel like I've been a terrible best friend." Jenny's voice sounded strangled, as though she was close to tears. Hearing this, Imogen was reminded of her own guilt.

"It's not your fault, Jen."
"It's not?" Jenny sniffed and brushed away the tears that had began to well up in her eyes.
"No, Jenny. It's not. It's mine. I shouldn't have blown Ellie off for Ethan."

Jenny almost dropped her phone, she was so shocked. Imogen never admitted when she was wrong. According to Imogen, she was never wrong. Jenny supposed that Ellie was similar to Imogen in that way, so she was glad that her friend had decided she would apologise first.

"I'm not going to say sorry," said Imogen, like she had read Jenny's mind.
"I've got a much better idea!"

The End

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