Name: Ellie
Age: 17
Personality: Smart, stubborn, quick to judge others and can be described as tomboyish. Hot-headed.
Appearance: Brown hair which she often ties back to keep from frizzing out. Light freckles on her skin. Striking blue eyes. Average height.
Other: Her best friend is Jenny. Her dad works with Ethan's dad. Eats when she is upset or stressed.

Name: Jenny (Jennifer)
Age: 17
Personality: Quiet and gentle. Nice to all and never has a bad word to say about anyone. Quite shy. Loyal and trusting, but can sometimes be a little gullible.
Appearance: Light, straight blonde hair which goes to her waist. Blue eyes which are kind as opposed to Beth's which can be quite cold. Petite build.
Other: Despite being opposites, her and Beth are best friends, and have known each other since they were both in the same nursery.

Name: Imogen Obi
Age: 18
Personality: Outspoken, excitable - loves a good party and a lot of drama. Temperamental. Can more than slightly narrow-minded as she struggles to see the other side of the argument. Sometimes oblivious and to people who do not know her can be accused of being obnoxious.
Appearance: Tall and curvy. Long hair which she has in weaves. Beautiful ebony skin and deep brown eyes.
Other: Dating Ethan, who is her opposite and often irritates her, but somehow they make it work.

Name: Ethan
Age: 19
Personality: Quite sarcastic, passive and has a sardonic sense of humour. Does not like to talk a lot unless he has to. Behind his cynical nature, he can be caring.
Appearance: Tall and lanky. Ginger hair, green eyes and pale freckled skin.
Other: Dating Imogen. His dad works with Elise's dad, and without her realising he looks out for her. Attends the local university and studies Geography.

Name: Gretchen
Age: 17
Personality: Hardworking, but never seems to get the high grades that will make her parents proud. Introverted, but competitive.
Appearance: Brown eyes and hair which she wears in a bob-style, plain faced and has braces with have tried, but failed, to straighten her teeth.
Other: Doesn't have very many friends as she believes they are too much a distraction from her work, but occasionally hangs out with Elise, Jenny and Imogen - although admittedly does not like the latter very much because she is too loud. She has five older siblings and a twin brother who she feels the need to compete with to win her parents affections. Hates the fact that her name means beautiful.

Name: Lindsay
Age: 16
Personality: Confident, flirtatious and sociable. Claims not to care what others think about her. Extremely shallow and domineering.
Appearance: Blond hair (swears is natural but it's probably bleached) that is made longer with extensions. She often wears a lot of make-up even when she is not going out. She also wears skimpy clothes, often getting her into a lot of trouble at school.
Other: She is the year below Imogen, Bella, Jenny and Elise, but sometimes invites herself along to their social gatherings when she is not too busy trying to be popular. She often tries to get Jenny to be her BFF even though she already has a clone - Kat.

Name: Kat (Katarina)
Age: 16
Personality: Tries to act like Lindsay, but in reality she is really quite intelligent and insecure of her true self. Allows Lindsay to dominate her.
Appearance: In an attempt to look more like Lindsay she has bleached her hair and wears a lot of make-up. Because Lindsay is shorter than her, Kat doesn't wear high heels so she can look the same height as Lindsay when she is wearing heels.
Other: She is Lindsay's much over-looked, abused BFF but refuses to see it that way. She believes that she is forever indebted to her because she was the only one that spoke to her on the first day of primary school. Despite being middle class and her parents wanting her to go to a private school for secondary, she decided to go to a state school with Lindsay. She doesn't plan on going to university though she has good grades because Lindsay has no plans to go there.

Name: Charlie
Age: 18
Personality: Good-natured, witty and feisty.
Appearance: Of Chinese decent, cropped short hair which dyes wacky colours and styles unusually.
Other: Elise's neighbour. Her real name is Kai Hui, but she plans on changing it when she moves out to Charlie. She has kept her sexual orientation a secret from her parents because of their traditional views.

Name: Cesario
Age: 20
Personality: Cheerful, healthy and kind. Always smiles, especially when he is unsure about what is going on.
Appearance: Handsome, smooth tanned skin, well-toned body, dark hair with a short fringe that he often gels up.
Other: Attends the local university with Will and Ethan. Italian exchange student in his second year, but cannot speak a lot of English, especially when slang or figurative speech is used.

Name: Will
Age: 19
Personality: Intelligent and antisocial. His quietness and tendency to speak his mind can make others mistake him for being rude and snobbish.
Appearance: Dark brown hair, grey eyes, attractive.
Other: Is the heir to a rich businessman and is to inherit the company, however much to his father's disdain, Will's love of music overrides his desire to follow in his father's footsteps.

The End

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