We stopped by a room that had its door hanging open and went in. We saw a lot of other desperate eyes staring at us as we walked into the room. It was a large storage room that was somehow left empty for the most part. I sat down with my wife on a large crate and Elly sat down with us, shivering really badly. She lips were starting to turn blue and she was starting to complain about not being able to feel her fingers. The rain was still beating down on us.

Time ticked by slowly. There was no food and people started to get hungry. I happened to grab some bread on the way out and so I shared it with my wife and Elly. It was soggy but better than nothing. The rain was still beating away and all the floors above the 24th floor collapsed. With it went our home. The water rose to the eleventh floor now and it was getting closer. More people filed into the room and it started getting stuffy. Elly started complaining about a lack of air. She looked pretty bad. Pretty soon she started complaining about feeling dizzy. We gave her some more bread. She felt a little better. Suddenly she doubled over in pain and fainted with foam coming out of her mouth. Someone screamed rabies and people tried to get as far away from her as possible. My wife bent over her trying to feed some more bread crumbs into her mouth. I heard her muttering that it was only water intoxication. Someone must have heard it too and screamed it out. Panic rang through the room as people started to worry about water intoxication instead.

Three more floors collapsed and the water rose up to the fourteenth floor. There were only three floors above and below us. My wife was still bent over Elly. The room got even stuffier.

The last few floors above us finally collapsed. The water had risen up to near our floor. This was the only floor left in the building that was still intact and above water. The rain splashed above us loudly. I handed my wife a lighter and a candle I somehow had unconsciously stuffed into my pocket. She lit it and tried to warm Elly up. Panic rang through the air and there was nothing anyone could to. This was the worst rainstorm in a while. No, this was probably the worst rainstorm ever that existed since Noah’s ark. I leaned back with my eyes closed, my wife sitting back at my side. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it hard.

I tell her right now that we can do it. We will make it out alive.

The water is still closing in on us.

The End

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