Two hours later all the floors above us collapsed except for 28 and 29. The water was up past the seventh floor and still growing. The rain was still just as hard and was slapping against the windows. We could see the water leaking from the 29th floor down to our’s. It was fast. I told everyone it was best if we excavate soon so that we wouldn’t all get crushed. I led the people out and we all waded through the water to get the stairs. The doors for the stairs were propped wide open and water was running down it like a waterfall. I stepped on the first step and felt the pressure of the water trying to push my foot forward. I almost slipped. I was halfway down the stairs with my wife when I remembered the old man. Shoot. I forced myself up the stairs and tried to help the old man. It was too late. His foot slipped and the water carried him and the little girl screaming down the stairs. They landed on the next floor with a sickening splash and then got carried away by the current down the next flight of stairs. The old man and the girl were gone. I made my way down the stairs again and met up with my wife. Elly was standing nearby shivering in her bathrobe, which was completely soaked. The rest of the people followed us in silence except for the park ranger. We could all hear him mumbling about melting ice caps and the apocalypse. We made our way down to the 17th floor. We passed a familiar wooden cane floating somewhere around the 24th floor.


The End

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