We sat there for a long time in silence. Only the sound of rain beating our windows continued endlessly. A while later we heard large crash. The 38th, 39th and 40th floors all collapsed. The water also grew up through the second and third floor. More people were coming down to the safer levels: the middle. A few people knocked on our door. We let them it. There was an old man with a wooden cane who was being helped by a nine year old girl, a burly redhead, and a park ranger from some faraway park who was visiting here for a weekend. Some fantastic weekend he said. I got up from the couch to let the old man sit down. He had a terrible cough. It was probably the bad weather.

Time ticked by slowly as the rain continued. There were crying people everywhere. Some lost their loved ones. Some kids lost their parents. Some parents lost their kids. The 34th, 35th, 36th, and 37th floors all collapsed. The water had risen to the fourth floor. More people knocked at our door. I let in three more people. The hallways outside were now filling with the water that was trickling down from the leaking roof. The couch was filled so people started pulling up chairs we had scattered around the apartment.

The park ranger started complaining about the weather. It would never rain like this where he lived he would say. Then he started worrying about the plants he was tending back at the park. What if they died because I didn’t come back he said to us. He tried giving us a lecture on the environment until the redhead gave him the glare. Then he just sat there mumbling to himself about how he shouldn’t have come here in the first place and that he knew something bad was going to happen. The old man got up from the couch with the help of the little girl and slowly walked towards the bathroom. I offered him a lit candle. The little girl thanked me and took it.

I asked to see if anyone wanted anything to drink. The redhead asked if I had any alcohol. I told him we had a few cans of beer. He asked for one. No one else wanted anything. I guess it was the weather. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed two cans. I handed one to him. The other I set on the table. Up for grabs, I told everyone and sat down waiting for the rain to stop.


The End

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