The second world flood. Disaster befalls everyone. Die or live.

Last night, it rained a ton, as in literally a ton. Our apartment was on the 27th floor of a 42 floor building. We got lucky. The people on the first floor were not so lucky. Most people moved up to the empty apartments on the other floors. Or they visited friends. Or they just sat in the hallways sopping wet with no food, water, clothing or money. The people on the 42th and 41st floors had to move down because the roof started to leak pretty badly. Then it collapsed and killed a few people. The elevators went out of service too.

Our friend, Elly, lived on the first floor. She had nowhere to go, so she climbed all the way up to our place, hard for a plump little lady like her. Her face was red and wet when she rang our doorbell. It was hard to tell whether it was from her sweat or from the dampness in the air. She stood in front of our door panting, asking us if she could come in. I looked at my wife. She said sure. So we let her in. We told her she could take a shower if she wanted to. She thanked us and ran to the bathroom to peel off her wet clothes. Once we heard the shower running, I asked my wife if she had any clothes that would fit Elly. She said she had an oversized bathrobe that might just squeeze on her. She went to look for it. I plopped down on the couch in the living room and stared at a blank TV screen. The electricity went out a while ago. No lights, no heating, no nothing. We had a large stock of candles and I went over to light a few so that it wouldn’t be too dark in the room, which reminded me that Elly had no light in the shower. I wondered how she was doing. My wife rushed back with a big robe in her hand. She told me to give her a few candles and the lighter. I handed her some. She grabbed them from my hand and rushed to the bathroom. I returned to the couch. A few minutes later, Elly stepped out of the bathroom with a bathrobe tightly wrapped around her. She proceeded to plop down on the couch and reach for the TV remote. I told her there was no electricity. She nodded and leaned back.


The End

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