Modern Monsters

Have you ever encountered a modern monster?

They're difficult to spot, blending like water among us.

We find ourselves drawn to them and their supernatural beauties or strengths,

Or maybe they saved your life one night.

Was it the vampire? So beautiful, so flawless,

Fast like the bullet, strong like the boulder,

But oh so gentle.

Too bad the vampire was so cold,

Hardened by too much time on the earth.

Hard to feel anything spritual when your heart no longer aches.

Or maybe it was the werewolf,

Fiercely protective, with an impossible lust,

So intense it leaves scars.

The wolf guards you and keeps you warm,

But in protection lies his madness;

Jealousy, rage, unstoppable fury and the drawer of ridiculous conclusions,

You are left torn to shreds by his love for you.

Perhaps the zombie stole away your heart?

The zombie acts only on desire,

and maybe once his desire was your total happiness.

But then the zombie turned mindless and selfish,

and seeked to take from you until only hollowed remains were left.

The zombie is completely incapable of love,

And can only feign selflessness until he eats you alive.

Or was it the ghost?

The ghost was so sensitive and gentle, wavering to you and enveloping you,

With eyes only for you; his unfinished business.

But the ghost has one small problem;

He's completely lost in the past, yearning for things that can no longer be.

Searching for the reason why he still lingers,

Not realizing he has none.

The ghost leaves as quickly as he came,

And haunts your heart in some mortal version of forever.

The modern monsters are everywhere,

Sometimes taken to several forms at once.

It may be a week, a month, or years before they show their true, haunting qualities.

For now they lie dormant inside the man beside you,

The woman underneath you,

The lover that has long since gone to another.

But they always emerge, those Modern Monsters.

I would know...

I've loved them all.

The End

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