Rose: Beginning the Year

This is going to be awesome!

I'm dressed in my new sheer top with sequin embellishments, my new red cardigan made of a sleek material which isn't warm but looks gorgeous, my denim skirt that makes my legs look great and of course my brand new heeled black boots. I look incredible, exactly how I want to look on the first day back at school.

Of course, all my friends have seen me over the summer so they all know what I look like but now it's time to remind the people at school who's boss.

I realised, around the time of my fifteenth birthday, that I wasn't pretty at all. I was HOT! And that at high school is a power to be reckoned with. It pretty much makes you the undisputed leader of everything. I have curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, great figure and red lips, I don't even need lipstick. I always know how to dress well, everyone always says I look fantastic. 

But that hasn't been quite enough so far. I'm not quite the leader just yet. 

I have a crew behind me, as all leaders should. My best friend Gwen, who I've known since we were 5, is tall, graceful and willowy and could easily be a rival for me. She has flawless white skin, an elfin face and hair in a pixie cut that frames her face beautifully. She had it cut two summers ago, it used to reach half way down her back. I was worried when I saw her after she had it done. She looked as beautiful as I do. Luckily, Gwen isn't one to want to rule. She prefers to help me try. Or rather, she just doesn't want to get in the way. She doesn't really think there should be a leader. But she'd not against me, so by default she'd with me.

Rachel is very pretty but is not quite up there with me and Gwen. She's very smiley, has the loudest laugh ever and incredibly long blonde hair. She has a unique style as well, that I rather admire but I'd never try. She's quite bohemian, I guess. Whereas Jenny's style, on the other hand, I'd love to wear but I'm too scared to. Jenny has the best figure out of all of us, being a swimmer, and likes to show it off by wearing tops revealling her flat stomach even in winter. She's really confident and has a big mouth and everyone likes her, so she's perfect to have on my team.

Lastly, there's Isabelle. You always need someone clever on your team and Bell is it. She's the smartest girl in our year, I don't really understand what she's saying most of the time, but she's a fierce debater and knows EVERYTHING! She's very pretty as well, all my group are the prettiest girls in our year. That way we can control the boys. Bell has rich brown hair with a blunt fringe, cut in a long bob, with deep brown eyes. She would look very serious but she has this queer smile that makes her look like she's up to something, some great trick or other, and you always have to know what it is.

They're all waiting for me at the gates as Mum drops me off. I can drive, but there's never any space in the car park at school, so I make Mum drive me in with our sleek black car. It looks better than my one anyway.

"Hey, loser, you took ages to get here," Jenny smiles her big bright smile and playfully shoves me.

"I take my own sweet time getting here," I say. "School can wait for me."

"But it's our first day back," Rachel says. "We have to make an impression."

"And what better impression than arriving late. Everyone will be there to watch us. We can show them who owns this place now."

I take a moment to check my friends' clothes to make sure there aren't any fashion disasters. Gwen wears a lacy pink dress under a biker jacket, Rachel has an autumn orange mid length dress that brings out her green eyes, Jenny has a pink crop top and shorts showing as much flesh as she can get away with at school while Bell wears a blazer, red shorts and a white top. I needn't have worried they all look great.

"Let's get going girls," I say, smiling. "Time for our big debut."

The End

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