Modern Fairy Tales

Set in the modern day, nine girls start their first day of their last year at school. Rose, the unrivalled leader of her school, her best friend Gwen, along with the rest of their group, Rachel, Jenny and Isabelle are determined to have the best last year ever. But there are problems along the way in the form of boyfriends, future careers and the new girl, Cathy, who seems to be as unlike them as possible. Each character is loosely based on a fairy tale princess, their stories mimicking their my

Well, okay, some pretty weird stuff went down this year, I can tell you that.

At the start of the year, I thought everything was going to go fine. It was our last year! The last year is always perfect. You have the big last balls, you finally get to go out to clubs, screw work, THIS is the time to be young.

Only things never turn out quite as you want them to, do they?

We're going to tell you our story. Some of us wanted to write loads and some very little, but we all contributed in our own way. Most of this stuff is from diaries so we decided to write it all in the present tense. At least, that's what Nadia said we should do. She's good at writing stories, so we listened to her advice. I think it kind of works this way anyhow.

So I hope you enjoy our story. We'll see how it goes at any rate.

Love Rose xx

The End

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