Model Perfect

Darla Kendall travels from Davenport, Iowa to New York City to search for fame and fortune as a fashion model.

Darla Kendall had come all the way from Davenport, Iowa to New York City to try her luck as a model.  She certainly had the features for one: oval face, luminous blue eyes with lashes to die for, long, curly brown hair, and a perfect size 6 figure.

While she was waiting her turn at the cattle call, she drummed her fingers onto her composite folder and stared at the walls.  She wasn’t one for conversation so early in the morning.  Darla was dying for a cup of coffee, but the only thing caffeine would do was undo everything that proper hydration and a light dinner did the night before. 

To model for the world’s best designers during Fashion Week would be an opportunity of a lifetime.  She’d take her chances on the catwalk, and hoped this would be the start of something big.

She was startled when the agent called out “Next!”.  She quickly gathered her belongings and walked into the doorway.

The End

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