Scootaloo spoke so fast that Bon Bon could barely comprehend the words that came out of her mouth. "-and then I started bouncing because she mentioned the Wonderbolts would be coming and I was so excited! I mean I still am, but I think I've calmed down since then, don't you think? I can't wait!"

"Calm down!" Bon Bon said, pulling a face.

The orange pony charged around the boutique, putting on hats and then discarding them to float gently to the ground. She skid around, then bounced back towards the mirror. "I don't know what to wear!" She wailed.

Bon Bon narrowed her eyes in frustration and focused on her unicorn magic to sweep up all the overturned hats and lift them back onto their hooks. She picked up a loose ribbon in her mouth and put it back on her design table.

"Please, slow down." She sighed.

Scootaloo looked up. "Oh, I'm sorry." She said, tucking in her wings and stroking her mane with a hoof. "I really am excited, though."

"I can tell!"

The two sat in silence for a slight moment, then they both giggled and bumped shoulders playfully. "Now, time to focus!" Bon Bon reminded.

"Oh wait- no!" Scootaloo jumped to her hooves. "I've got to tell Apple Bloom!" And with that she whisked out of the door, scattering all of the hats in the updraft she created as she spread her wings and called a farewell over her shoulder.

Bon Bon sat, irritated, in the middle of the flurries of clothing, then sighed inwardly and halted them with her magic, turning back to her designs.


Smiling cheekily, White Whirl jumped off the bench, the flavour of Cloud Puff's muffin lingering in her mouth. She poked her tongue out at her older sister as she passed, then grumbled as Rainbow Dash ushered her outside.

"Come on, Sunrise!" She ran around in crazy circles, pale rainbow of a mane flicking everywhere.

The middle aged pony glanced at her, then began to walk away, cheeks warm with embarrasment. White snorted and bounced after her, tripping over her own tail and forward rolling at her sister's hooves. "Wait for me!" She wailed.

She got to her feet, then stared up at Sunrise Brisk, who boredly dismissed her and turned around, staring longingly down the road. White Whirl snorted. If she doesn't want to play with me, she can go away! She then sighed, glancing at her mother. Rainbow Dash wouldn't be happy if Sunrise left her alone.

White followed Sunrise, noting the irritable twitch at the tip of her sister's tail. Up ahead Pinkie Pie was blowing a party horn and skipping around with one of her friends. White Whirl glanced between her and Sunrise. If she went to Pinkie Pie, neither her or Sunrise would get in trouble. She glanced towards the forest. But the forest would be so much more fun...

The End

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