"See ya, Bon Bon!" Scootaloo called, leaping into the air and beating her wings strongly to lift her into the air, then she soared down the path, the street disappearing beneath her.

She spiraled in the air, spinning around the corner and landing into a run on the softer, pebbled ground. She galloped as fast as her legs would carry her, then she took flight again as she flew into Sweet Apple Acres.

The cherry red barn loomed ahead, bright in the early morning sunshine. A smooth breeze ran like a river through the trees, whistling as it passed. Scootaloo skid to a flurried halt, opening her wings to catch herself.

"Apple Bloom!" She yelled at the yellow pony who stared at her with bewilderment. "Did you hear?" She chanted.

"Slow down for Celestia's sake! Hear what?" Apple Bloom said.

Scootaloo danced circles around her friend, eyes wild with excitement. Her mane bounced up and down crazily, and she blew a lock of her fringe out of her eyes before continuing. "The Festival!" And at Apple's querie she filled in the details of everything Lyra had told her about the Wonderbolt's coming to perform in the festival for Princess Celestia.

Apple's face drained of excitement, and she avoided meeting eyes with Scootaloo. "It's apple season... Apple Jack and Macintosh can't do it without me."

The orange pegasus looked at her hooves, sniffing a little. Her cheery mood slipped away and disappeared like liquid in the soil. She looked pleadingly up at Apple Bloom, but the yellow pony made no move to change her mind. Scootaloo sighed, then turned and began to walk gloomily back up the path. "You're no fun..."


Sunrise's heart sank to the very bottom of her body into a dark cold pit at her mothers words. What if I don't get into the Wonderbolts? She cast a worried glance at her sister, but Cloud Puff had her snout buried in a cookbook. Sunrise Brisk pouted and turned away, laying her head on the counter and staring across her nose at the tray of muffins.

She felt White Whirl skip by her hooves, and she looked over her shoulder at the filly as she wove through the kitchen, bleating about one thing or the other. Sunrise turned back to the tray and gripped a muffin, pulling it out and blowing it cooler.
She popped it in her mouth and chewed the soft, sugar-sweet dough in her mouth, then swallowed and drew her tongue over the roof of her mouth.

Cloud Puff was scowling at White Whirl, who was sitting on the counter flitting her little wings. Sunrise turned and walked, hooves clopping on the ground, and led the way out. "C'mon!" She called.

Rainbow Dash came up behind her, pushing White Whirl gently, and Cloud behind them. She skipped a few steps, taking a short sharp breath of the warm morning air. It stung her lungs lightly, and she continued to walk along the concrete road, calling goodmorning to everypony.

"Wait for me!" White Whirl squealed, tumbling after her in a flurry of feathers.

She pulled a face. "Why don't you go play with Cl-"

"Sunrise, would you mind your little sister?" Dash said gently.

She looked up, eyes experated, but her mother had already turned away and was offering muffins to ponies of the public. She knew if she wanted to get away from the little annoying puffball she'd have to use her father as an excuse.

The End

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