The Journey Begins

(  <- Oldest: Cloud Puff, Middle: Sunrise Brisk, Youngest: White Whirl)

Woah- who turned off the lights?

You stagger out of bed, the sheets whirling around you, some caught under your wing, and another droops over your head. Ouch- that's gotta hurt! Don't walk into the- CRASH!

Okay, stand still.

You pull the blankets off and squint at the light, even though its murky. Phew. It was just a dream. Or... a nightmare. All you remember is a scary storm, and lightning, and no pegasus ponies were clearing the black clouds. Then you saw it: the mare in the moon.

But never mind that! You draw the curtains to see the lovely, warm milky dawn stretching over PonyVille. Nopony is on the streets, but the smell of baking from SugarCube Corner brings back all the memories of why you are so tired.

Pinkie Pie's party of course! That pony might not be as fit as she used to be, but she still hosts a great gathering! Oh and the treats- the sweetness rides over your tongue once more, then disappears as you turn away.

You grab a brush and smooth your wild mane, then step towards the mirror. Who are you?

The End

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