Welcome Everypony.

All ponies besides Cloud Puff, Sunrise Brisk, and White Whirl, belong to Hasbro, and their names, and "My Little Pony" and "Friendship is Magic".
Cloudpuff, Sunrise Brisk, and White Whirl belong to Tinu_Leaf on DeviantArt (Ask Rainbow Dash's Family)

Dear Pony,

Welcome to Equestria.

Here is a peaceful land of ponies, and one I am sure you are to enjoy. It is set years ahead of the adventure of Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student in her studies of the magic of friendship, and all of her friends from PonyVille.

Speaking of PonyVille, this is where you will begin. You're house is near SugarCube corner, and not too far from the Apple Farm. These are your friends, who will help you on your journey:

Apple Bloom
Bon Bon

These three ponies each have their own dreams and personalities. Now go young pony, it's time for you to join them on your own adventure:

Legends of the Clouds!

Good Luck,
Princess Celestia.

The End

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