General Prophecy

"Mister vampire. I'll faint if you don't stop feeding."

Lloyd woke up from his trance and backed away. "How did you know about me in the first place?"

"Those bloody red eyes that you hide away is a big hint." The little girl gave him an innocent smile. "To be more exact, I'm a fortune teller and a sight seer."

"And why would someone like you be here? Your type are very rare these days. The last one I saw was Lady Silvie, which was over a hundred years ago, if I remembered correctly." Lloyd went into a thinking pose remembering the look of the lady way back when.

"Lady Silvie was my great grandmother. She past away five years ago."

"I see. I hope she rests in peace. But that still does not explain why you are here."

"I am here to deliver a message to you from my vision." The girl closed her eyes and listened to the wind. "To you and the vampire clan. The future is getting old as you already see and experience the same thing over and over again. But have no fear. An event will cause the existence of your kind to be changed forever."

Ugh. Another general prophecy. These people have to learn to go deeper into detail. Lloyd asked, "And the cause of the change is?"


The End

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