Wolf Perfume and a Little Maiden

"That totals up to up to twenty dollars sir."

Lloyd took out Lisa's wallet and counted up the cash. He handed it to the cashier and took the bag of goodies.

"Chips, soda, and some other candies... That should be good enough." Now all I need to do is take my time and walk back to school.

Unfortunately, to go back to school, there was a big hill to climb. Lloyd took it one step at a time like an old man. As he looked up from the floor, silver hair flicked in his face. A girl with long silver hair walked past him. Just as he turned to look, the girl disappeared. He sniffed the air...

Wolf... There aren't much of those these days. Lisa. Can I chase after a wolf?

Are you mad? Get back here. If Richard was to find out, he'll have your head.

Fine meanie. I could have kept that hidden from Richard. It's not like it'll be easy to kill me anyways.

Lloyd continued to trudge up the little "mountain". Yet he still couldn't forget about the werewolf. He kept looking back thinking he will see her again.

Well, he did see someone. Just as he turned his head back, he was faced by a little and small structured girl. She tilted her head and smiled. "Hello mister vampire."

Lloyd froze in his tracks. Who is this?

"There's no need to be afraid. I know all about your kind." She revealed a part of her soft skin by her neck.

Because of not feasting on human blood for a while, Lloyd walked forward. One bite won't hurt will it? In less than a second, delicious blood was flowing throw his body.

The End

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