Some Help Please?

The school was bustling with activities on a busy spring morning. Everyone was getting ready for the yearly school fair. Stands were being set up and the halls and classrooms were being decorated with streamers and other designs. Everyone loved this time of year because they didn't have to take any classes. Well not everyone...

"Man, it's so noisy I can't even get enough sleep. It's like this every year... For God's sake."

"Oh shut up and help already. You don't contribute a thing. At least you can bring in some food."

At the mention of food, he made a face. "Uh huh. What a wonderful joke Lisa." They both giggled as everyone else looked confused.

"Lloyd, would you be as kind to actually work? Really I agree with Lisa. You should do something." A very nerdy girl walked by and stopped in front of the lazy guy.

"Sure thing prez. I don't know what you guys would like though."

"Try some random junk foods or soda. Everyone seems to be into those a lot lately. I really don't see why though cause they are the cause of at least 30% of the fat in our bodies. The fat..."

"Okay, okay, I got it. No need to speak too much." Lloyd pushed back his chair and grabbed Lisa's wallet.

"Hey! Where are you going with that?" Lisa stared intensely at the thief.

"I'll return it to you at home. See ya." He left before she could say anything else. You don't have to be that rough with me...

Too bad. Blame yourself for doing that. Now hurry up and get back here to help me okay? replied Lisa. In human time, not our type of fast.

Got it.

The End

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