Spent and depleted both of energy and breath, Given crumples into himself. He hardly has the strength to drag in a mouthful of air.

But, for the first time in days, a single, desperate, coherent thought forms in his mind.

What's happening to me...?

And then the darkness takes over him.

When he next wakes, he's still covered in his own blood, still bent at odd angles. Driven by impulse, he begins lapping at the dried fluid on his arms. He could be mistaken for a grooming animal, if it weren't obvious that is only goal of licking himself is to catch all the pieces of crusted blood--which has, for some odd reason, turned red.

There's something horridly wrong about this fact, but his fog-filled mind allows him no introspection. He continues hungrily devouring everything he can find--the blood, the shredded meat he's shaved off, the broken pieces of his horns and blades...there's a ravenous hunger inside of him that won't stop burning at his insides. Then...there's silence. Stopping in the middle of chewing on a blade and sucking out the nutrients, he twists around to find the door, having heard the slightest, smallest intake of air, accompanied by a tiny, roaring heartbeat. Almost like a...


A furious, predatory growl is spilling from his lips before he realizes it. Something in his mind snaps even as he starts forward on all fours, because that's Allay, don't you dare hurt her, you can't.

But then he's pouncing, and the last thing he remembers is that he loves to cause others' pain.

The End

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