A strong, low warning growl escaped the female werecat as Lacie made a move towards her. Having nothing against the girl, Demon did not wish to impulsively hurt her in a fit of territorial rage (though if she was honest she knew that her growl was much worse than her bite whiles her body was in this weakened state.) She had waited twenty nine days, twenty three hours, and forty eight minutes to sneak out of her home and visit her beloved’s tree, as this was the closest thing she could get to being with him at the moment. This time would not be interrupted by anyone. Not if she could help it.

The familiar scent of blood filled the air as the cat climbed to the highest branch she could before her weak body gave out, causing the tree to creak a small protest at the sudden weight change. Crimson liquid dripped down her hands, arms and feet, staining bits of the bark she was resting on along with some of the ground below. However, that didn’t matter to her at the moment.

Allowing her body a moment of rest, violet eyes closed in an attempt to ease the uncomfortable burn caused by a seemingly endless trail of tears. How had this even happened? Frustration granted her a small surge of strength as she dug her claws into a bit of bark, resulting in bleeding fingertips and splinters underneath nail beds. She had a right to be frustrated! The only information she was given on her loves condition was that he was dead by beheading, then simply sleeping, then dead again, then sleeping, then alive.

 Not only had she been forced to endure the emotional pain of losing her Other not once, but twice thanks to the misinformed cupcake girl. Oh no. The cupcake had also shamelessly withheld the name of her beloved’s attacker. Hadn’t she a right to know?! Given had practically been murdered, the truth telling cupcake knew who had done it, and yet here Demon was, restricted from this information and practically every other detail of his condition!

Rage making way for depression, she felt her aching heart tear itself apart further when the first agonized roar of her love reached her ears. He is in pain... She knew how much he hated pain, yet here he was yet again being forced to endure some sort of agony thanks to another’s actions. Too tired to be angry again, she found herself curling in on herself a bit, the first of her own inconsolable sobs released into the air as she grieved for her love. If it had been at all possible, she’d have taken his place in a heartbeat. At the very least she’d have liked to take on his pain. However, she unfortunately had no such power.

The sobbing escalated to the point of wails, her own animalistic vocals adding to the environments soundtrack. At this point she could not control it. She did not wish for him and his sharp ears to pick up the sounds of her sorrow, for his bond with her to cause him to feel it now that she was in closer range to his home. She did not wish to behave this way with Lacie near, however her body continued to betray her wishes.


In a heartbeat, she'd have gladly taken his place.

The End

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